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We operate differently than a traditional engineering firm.

As a vertically integrated mechanical engineering and construction company, we offer services for the full life cycle of a building: from design and engineering to HVAC, hydronics and plumbing installation. Our services also include custom sheet metal fabrication, oxygen systems, and maintenance and service.

We Design
What Is Built

We prioritize the constructability of the design.

By sharing information across departments, we utilize the feedback we get from the field to close the gap between design and construction. Our goal is to make the installation go as smoothly as possible, so we not only design with fabrication in mind, but we also provide more detailed drawings that help to reduce the work of the contractor. When you see our drawings, you see the difference.

Laser Scanning Services

As-Built Verification

Laser scanning as-built conditions is easy with the Leica RTC360. In approximately 1.5 minutes the laser scanner scans and photographs the space. The precision of the laser scanner ensures accuracy on reconstruction of as-built conditions and documentation of existing conditions.

Point Cloud to Revit

The laser scanned data is capable of being linked into Revit for as-built reconstruction, and all imagery is maintained for future referencing needs. The imagery and content is accurate within an 1/8 of an inch. The documentation and point cloud capabilities of the Leica RTC360 eliminate the need for traditional hand measuring.

Engineered Prefabricated Pods

Prefabrication is the heart of our beliefs on mechanical and plumbing contracting.

Working closely with our Engineering division and their design software capabilities, we ensure that our installations fit precisely and are fabricated with the highest level of quality and care. When schedules are fast, prefabrication allows our team to produce large quantities of product and assemblies offsite in our warehouses — usually before building is ready for mechanical and plumbing installation.

All fabrication operations are supervised by our full time division managers. With separate warehouses available for black pipe, copper, PVC, and stainless steel, our fabrication shops can handle any project thrown at them, at any time.

Carbon Neutral Homes

We believe in the importance of green design.

Building efficiency is one of the primary ways we can reduce our carbon footprint. Our engineering team is experienced in designing high-efficiency systems ranging from air conditioning and heating to greywater recycling and rainwater collection.

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