We’re Gallatin’s Greatest Plumber and Heating & A/C Service!

The Gallatin’s Greatest Awards were created to recognize the many excellent businesses in the Gallatin Valley. By community vote, nominees in each major category are whittled down to just three finalists. At the Gallatin’s Greatest Gala two weeks ago, the winners were announced . . . and  Williams Plumbing won TWO Gallatin’s Greatest Awards! We were recognized as Best Plumber and Best Heating & A/C Service in the Gallatin Valley. We’re thrilled, but most of all we’re incredibly proud of our team.

Craig Henson, winner of Gallatin’s Greatest Plumber

The Winners

If we may say so ourselves, both were highly deserving winners.

Craig Henson, winner of Best Plumber, has served this community for 27 years. Year in and year out, he has consistently performed his job with kindness, professionalism, and expert knowledge. (Although it’s not part of the job requirement, he also has a great singing voice.)

Our service team, winner of Best Heating & A/C Service, was absolutely incredible this past year. The pandemic required vigilant attention to safety and adaptation to new protocols. Increased business created a higher workload for every service technician, while expectations of quality remained high. Yet despite these challenges, our service team found a way to thrive, always upholding the values that make our company great.

Congratulations to Craig Henson and to our service team. We’re lucky to have such greatness in our company!

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