Bozeman High School: Past and Present

Bozeman High School is a staple of Gallatin County. In fact, its many incarnations go back over 150 years. The most recent building has overlooked Main Street since 1956 — unsurprisingly, some of the old infrastructure needs updating. Both Ken and Quin Williams are proud Bozeman Hawks, so we’re thrilled our Civil Construction team has been chosen to lead the renovation project.

Keep reading to learn about Bozeman High School, past and present, and to see the many changes we’re bringing to the historical building.


The history behind Bozeman High School is full of changes. Bozeman’s very first high school was built in 1877 at 300 West Babcock, when Montana was still a territory. Sixty years later, the town’s high school moved to 404 West Main Street. Today, we know this classic art deco building as Willson School. However, a few years later, the high school moved again.

It wasn’t until 1956 when the city built the Bozeman High School we know today. Like the Bozeman Armory fifteen years before, BHS was designed by architect Fred Willson (who also designed the previous high school).

With the forthcoming Bozeman Gallatin High School — another Williams project — Bozeman will soon have two high schools for the first time.


This summer and beyond, we will be renovating Bozeman High School. Among our many tasks, we are laying new road, expanding a new parking lot, and installing a new box culvert. Below are pictures of our progress.

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