Uh Oh! Top 5 Home Air Conditioning Issues

Summer is coming! That means it’s time to make sure your home air conditioning is working. There are a few common A/C issues involving that you should look out for — or call an HVAC technician to inspect them for you. Here are the top 5 home air conditioning issues that may result in extra sweaty summer afternoons.

The outside A/C unit isn’t working.

This is a problem that is most easily avoided by scheduling annual A/C maintenance by a certified HVAC technician.

A routine tune-up will catch common issues such as low power, a thermostat on the fritz, or a faulty contactor (the device that relays the thermostat reading to your A/C unit). So schedule your annual maintenance today, so one our techs can ensure your outside A/C unit is in tip-top shape!

The outside A/C fan isn’t working.

This is a biggie.

Your air conditioner system has two fans: one that’s inside your home (this blows the cool air) and one on the outside (to blow out the hot air). If that outside fan goes kaput, all that heat will go nowhere — causing your A/C compressor to overheat. The compressor pumps refrigerant throughout the air conditioner system. If this device gets too hot, it may trip the safety overload that shuts off the unit. In the worst case scenario, overheating could lead to internal damage to the compressor, which would require replacing.

The A/C wiring is bad.

Chalk this one up to bad craftsmanship. If your A/C unit has been serviced by an uncertified technician — or, just as likely, an over-confident father-in-law — the wiring may be inconsistent with professional safety standards. In short, you may be risking a fire, a broken circuit, or a tripped breaker.

The A/C coil is frozen.

Sometimes a layer of ice or frost will make this one obvious. However, it’s not always that easy. Poor airflow, caused by clogged air filters or obstructed ductwork, can lead to the A/C coil freezing over. However, there are many potential causes of a frozen coil, low refrigerant being one of them. You will need a certified technician to give this one a look.

The refrigerant is running low.

You may know this better as Freon: the chemical that gives your A/C system the ability to cool your home.

A problem with the refrigerant system — such as a leak — could result in low refrigerant. Leaks are, by far, the most likely explanation. If you, or a technician, spots a leak, it should be repaired immediately.

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