We Helped Donate Almost 5 Tons of Food!

We just helped the Bozeman contracting community do something remarkable.

This month, we joined the many contracting groups involved in MSU’s new Hyalite Hall in a worthwhile competition: the annual holiday food drive for Hooked On Ending Hunger, hosted by Jackson Contractor Group. All of us at Williams love a good challenge, so we rolled up our sleeves and went to work. From October 21 to December 5, we donated as much food as we could get our hands on. In a matter of weeks, we had a mountain of canned food, grains, and cooking staples.

The result? With nearly 2,500 pounds donated by Williams, our team contributed the most food from anyone at our job site. We filled our trucks to the top with cans and boxes of food — in addition to a great many cash donations. It was a company-wide effort that all of us should be proud of.

It gets better.

Overall, we helped the Hyalite Hall job site raise 9,308 pounds of food for the Gallatin Valley Food Bank. That number is extraordinary. Our job site alone nearly reached the 12,000-pound goal for all the participating job sites in Bozeman!

We’re extremely proud of our team at Williams for their enthusiastic effort. We’re also grateful to the entire Hyalite Hall job site for their competitive spirit in giving back to the community. Finally, none of this would have been possible without Jackson Contractor Group hosting such an awesome event. Kudos to all of you.

In supporting incredible organizations like the Warriors and Quiet Waters Foundation, Eagle Mount Bozeman, and Heart of the Valley, we believe that the season of giving lasts all year. We eagerly anticipate many more opportunities to support Bozeman — and other cities across the state — when the calendar flips to 2020!

(And, yes, whenever there’s another competition, we’re fully prepared to win it.)

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