Your PEX Plumbing Questions Answered

We get a lot of comments on our YouTube videos from curious plumbers and DIYers. Most recently, we’ve received a lot of questions in response to our popular PEX-A vs PEX-B video, which covers the two most common types of PEX pipe. Keep reading to see our answers to some of these questions.

Regarding sizing PEX-B for flow restriction: is that still an issue if you’re doing a home run to a manifold with no couplers or 90-degree fittings?

No, the PEX-B insert-style fitting would not be an issue in that scenario. A manifold is like an electrical box for your plumbing fixtures: also known as a parallel water distribution system, all of the building’s water flows to one location. If you are using this plumbing method, you would not have to account for PEX-B flow restrictions in the sizing.

I was unable to find PEX-A in stores — where do I get it?

Whether or not you can find PEX-A in stores seems to depend on the region you’re living in. At our Home Depot in Bozeman, Montana, for example, there is a huge PEX-B section as well as a PEX-A section. We’ve had no problems finding PEX-A and PEX-B tools and fittings in our area. However, recent YouTube comments have made clear that PEX-A isn’t so easy to find in other locations.

Do you prefer crimps or clamps?

Good question. Both are effective, and we’ve used both for PEX-B plumbing. Each style requires its own set of tools and methods. We’ve found the clamp style to be a bit easier and less cumbersome to install. However, regarding longevity of that joint and potential for leaks, we’ve discovered that the cramp style is a more reliable joining method.

PEX-A tool is way more expensive than you said in your PEX-A vs PEX-B video!

You’re right. In that video, we quoted the PEX-A tool as $250 at Home Depot. The true price is $399. Our mistake! Williams Plumbing buys a ton of these tools every year, so we must receive a volume discount. So you’re buying the PEX-A tool as an individual, expect to buy them at a higher price than we originally quoted.

Need more plumbing help?

Thanks for reading! Continue to ask questions and we’re going to keep answering them as much as possible. If you need plumbing help, don’t hesitate to give us a call. And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more helpful videos!

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